Allis Intestinal and Tissue Grasping Forceps




The Allis Intestinal and Tissue grasping forceps are ratcheted surgical forceps used for ligating and clamping bleeders in the uterus during cesarean section and hysterectomy, manipulating the anterior lip of the cervix to ease the passage of instruments into the uterus during dilatation and curettage and manipulating the fibrous rectus sheath, tendons, fascia and skin during abdominal procedures such as herniotomy, exploratory laparotomy and ileojejunostomy. It consists of two serrated jaws with 4 by 5 and 5 by 6 teeth variation and finger ring handles of 6 inches, 7.5 inches, 8 inches and 10 inches to provide excellent control and precision. All of our Allis Intestinal and Tissue grasping forceps are crafted with the highest quality surgical grade steel and can be repeatedly sterilized for years of surgical procedures.

Author:  Allis

Product:  Intestinal and Tissue Grasping Forceps

Handle Type:  Ring Handle

Brand:  Medikrebs

Specialty:  General Surgery

Material:  German Stainless Steel

Additional information

Weight N/A

3 Pcs 5 x 4 Teeth 16 cm, 3 Pcs 5 x 6 Teeth 19 cm, 5 x 4 Teeth 16 cm, 5×6 Teeth 19 cm, 5×6 Teeth 25 cm


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