Davidson Scapula Retractor




The Davidson Scapula Retractor is used in cardiothoracic surgeries for lateral and postlateral thoracotomy procedures. It retracts the scapula and exposes the ribs during thoracic entry and closure. The tool has an overall length of 19.5 cm, and has a large ribbed handle with an anteroinferior projection that provides easier and confident grips for the surgical assistant. The square shaped blade has two parts. The outer part of the blade is wider to support the scapula, and is slotted to decrease the force applied to the bone. The space between the two sides of the blade accommodates the soft peri-scapular tissues. Two sizes of the blade are available to suit different surgical indications. We manufacture Davidson Scapula Retractors from the finest grades of surgical stainless steel to optimize your surgical performance, and we are vigilant to make instruments that can be easily sterilized after each procedure.

Size: 19.5 cm

Weight: 12.8 kg

Author: Davidson

Product: Retractor

Brand: Medikrebs

Specialty: General Surgery

Material: German Stainless Steel



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