Penfield Dura Dissector




Instrument Details: The Penfield Dura Dissector, which is also known as the large pancake dissector is a double-ended instrument that is used in different surgical procedures for dissecting, scraping, and separating soft tissues from bone. It is used in surgeries of the nasal septum and in craniotomies to separate the dura. It is also used as a guide during drilling procedures. It has a central flat handle, with two dissimilar blades. One end is a sharp and slightly curved oval shaped blade, while the other end is a blunt scoop shaped blade. Medikrebs manufacture five distinct figures of the Penfield Dura Dissector to accommodate different surgical indications. We manufacture them from premium quality German stainless steel to ensure positive patient outcomes and facilitate easy and reliable sterilization after each procedure.
Author: Penfield 
Product:  Dissector
Profile:  Fig. 1, Fig. 2,  Fig. 3, Fig. 4, Fig. 5
Brand:  Medikrebs Corp
Specialty:  Neurosurgery Instruments
Features:  Autoclaveable, German Stainless Steel, 5 Year Warranty, O.R Grade

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Fig 1 x 16 cm, Fig. 2 x 20 cm, Fig. 3 x 20 cm, Fig. 4 x 21.5 cm, Fig. 5 x 28 cm


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