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Recamier Uterine Curette Sharp – Rigid




Instrument Details: The Recamier Uterine Curette is used during diagnostic dilatation and evacuation, dilatation and curettage, endometrial biopsy, placental evacuation, and cervical biopsy to scrape off the lining of the uterus for diagnostic and therapeutic reasons. The rigid instrument consists of a handle and an oval tip which is fenestrated to scrape off the lining better. The surgeon inserts the Recamier Uterine Curette through the dilated cervix in the dorsal supine position to gently scrape the entire length of the uterus. The process is repeated until the whole uterus is scraped clean and then a sample is collected for cytology. All of our Recamier Uterine Curettes are made with high-quality stainless steel and can be sterilized for repeated use.

Author: Recamier

Product: Uterine Curette

Profile:  Sharp – Rigid

Handle Type: Round Handle

Brand: Medikrebs

Specialty: Gynecology Instruments

Material: German Stainless Steel

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7 mm Jaw – 30 cm Fig. 0, 8.5 mm Jaw – 30 cm Fig. 1, 10.5 mm Jaw – 30 cm Fig. 2, 12 mm Jaw – 30 cm Fig. 3, 14 mm Jaw – 30 cm Fig. 4, 15 mm Jaw – 30 cm Fig. 5, 16.5 mm Jaw – 30 cm Fig. 6, Fig 0: 7mm – Fig 6: 16.5mm x 30cm (set of 7) Surgical


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